How to get funding for your startup

Presentation on how to get funding for your startup

In September 2017 I gave a presentation at Loftet Studentincubator (student-run incubator) in Oslo, Norway on how to get funding for your startup.

My advice to the students can be summarized in the 10 step method to finding investors for your startup:

  1. Always start with bootstrapping and team-creation!
  2. Investors invest in different phases – in which are you?
  3. Which risk/reward are you offering?
  4. Do you really have a VC case?
  5. Prioritize your investor search (know you/know industry)
  6. Get introduced by mutual contacts
  7. Understand what is the investor searching for
  8. Don’t write a long business plan!
  9. Find investors that are not famous!
  10. (The secret 10th step)

You can download my presentation from the event via the following link: How to find investors for your startup.

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Nicolaj Højer Nielsen


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