How to contact investors and build trust

A common mistake is for entrepreneurs to send their 50-page business plan to 30-something
investors and then sit back waiting for them to call and invite them to pitch.

But before you send out any material, you need to get the trust of a potential investor. They get hundreds, if not thousands, of contact requests a year. Every entrepreneur thinks they have the best idea
or they wouldn’t be doing it. But why should a busy, time-strapped investor speak to you? What’s in it for them?

So what SHOULD you do?

This I’ve written a 10-page post on, which is the chapter on how to contact investors in the Startup Funding Book.  In this post I explain how to:

  • How do you get investors to trust you
  • Build relationships with investors ahead of time
  • Get introduced by mutual contacts
  • Do your research and contact the right investors

I’ve decided to share this 10-page post on how to contact investors for free.

You can download it as a PDF-file via this link.

Happy reading!

Best regards,

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen